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Hey I’m Frank LooSer a Past Master and Custom Masonic Coin Designer.

I have been designing Masonic Coins for over two decades for Masons all over the world.

Whether you are a Master Mason, Past Master, Grand Master, or commemorating a special Masonic occasion… when you choose me to do your coin it’s imperative that you receive the best service a brother can offer.

And yea even though I have done custom Masonic coins for brothers all around the world All Masonic COINS are not alike, that’s why we call them custom masonic coins. You pay for what you get in quality, design, and customer service.  Your design and quality are most important to me and my reputation as a brother Mason. My company CNF Interactive is known as the official Custom Masonic Promotional Products Supplier. But more importantly, I am always on the level with you when it comes to providing you with trustworthy service.

But you probably could care less about me, so let’s talk about you.

You are a Mason that wants a Masonic Challenge coin to represent Masonry, am I right? Maybe it’s your year as Master; it’s your lodges Anniversary. Or you just want to have a fundraiser for your Lodge.

Whatever the case you want someone you can relate to that specializes in Custom Masonic Coins and knows what he is doing when it comes to designing your custom masonic coin or lapel pin? And who better to do that than a brother Master Mason who knows exactly what you are talking about, someone who took the same oath, someone who listens and understands your needs and ideas, and can offer suggestions based on years of experience. You want to do business with a brother who will communicate with you personally to make sure your needs are met and you are satisfied with your end results.

You just want to be proud to present your coin to the brothers in the fraternity and in return receive positive feedback from them. In which case your coin must be impressive, beautifully designed, haveing a high perceived value that makes everybody want to wear it.

Am I on track?

If so… and you want to work with somebody that has a trusted reputation in designing custom Masonic coins, and treats his work as an art form?

Whip out your phone and give me a call.

I’m at: 800-765-1728. and can usually take time to answer the phone personally or at least call you back if I’m tied up at that moment.


I have been doing this for over two decades and I take great pride in serving the Craft.

What’s the next step?

Call me at 800-765-1728. If email works better, please use the email address when you enter the site looserfh@gmail.com.

Fraternally Yours,

Bro. Frank LooSer, P.M.

P.S. – Contact me anytime, day or night.

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